What is Front2Bax?

Front2Bax enables users to transmit files of payments and Direct Debits directly to BACS.

It is installed on your PC and enables the processing of BACS transactions through the BACSTEL-IP service using a standard internet connection.

Front2Bax supports:

  • Credits
  • Direct Debits
  • Direct Debit Instructions (DDI or AUDDIS)

Easy to use

Front2Bax has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. It is possible to make a submission in as little as 7 mouse clicks, not counting the keystrokes required to enter your Personal Identification Number.

Here is a 1:35 minute video that will demonstrate how easy it is for a client to submit a file to BACS.

Any accounting system

Front2Bax will process transactions from any accounting system capable of producing an ASCII file and can also use files created in spreadsheets like Excel or even text documents created in notepad. There is even a feature to allow ad hoc payments to be entered by users with the appropriate privileges.

If you would like to know if your accounting package can produce BACS output then please contact the elseWare support department

Highly secure

For added security Front2Bax can be set to require two different digital signatures before a submission can be made.

Additionally the software can block selected users from seeing inappropriate applications, so that, for example, the purchase ledger staff can be blocked form seeing details of the management payroll.


UseFront2Bax as either a BACS Bureau or as a standard BACS user.

Licensing is per site rather than per seat, so your site can have as many copies of the software as you like on as many machines as you wish. You may also run a limited number of off site copies for backup or disaster recovery purposes.

RTI Compatible

Front2Bax is fully compatible with HMRC's legislation regarding Real Time Information.