Front2Bax Price List

➤All charges associated with software below are for annual support. There is no charge for the software itself.

➤Software prices are per site. The licence allows for multiple copies of the software per site plus a reasonable number off site for backup and disaster recovery purposes

Standard BACS Software

 Direct Submitter  £400 per year
 Bureau  £800 per year 

BACS Software including Faster Payments Service (FPS)

Currently only Barclays and HSBC will allow direct access to FPS
 Direct Submitter  £9,000 per year
 Bureau  £10,000 per year

Installation for BACS or FPS

Front2Bax can be downloaded or ordered on CD and is simple to install. If you have any difficulties you should contact the help desk who will be able to assist you. If you are still experiencing difficulty or if you would just simply prefer to have an engineer on site, then a site visit can be arranged.

 Install it yourself with unlimited  telephone support  Free 
 Remote Installation  £300
per half day
 Site visit to install BACS or FPS  software  £600 per day plus travel expenses

Smart Card Readers (if required)

Your Smart Card Reader may be supplied by your sponsoring bank

 Gemalto Smart Card Reader  £17

All prices quoted exclude VAT

Travel expenses are charged at a rate of 45p per mile or train ticket.
Trains, ferries or aeroplanes, 2nd class ticket