BACS software at a reasonable price

Front2Bax costs just £400 per year (£800 for BACS Bureaux)

Make Payments - Collect Direct Debits - Issue Direct Debit Instructions

  • Easy to use.

  • No restrictions on the number of applications. Pay payroll, NI, tax, pensions. Collect fees
    and subscriptions and issue direct debit instructions.

  • Unlimited copies of the software licensed to your site plus a reasonable number for
    offsite backup purposes.

  • Multiple BACS User numbers - f2b can hold multiple BACS User numbers, each with their own discrete users.

  • Added security - the software can be set to require two different digital signatures before sending selected files.

  • Discrete views - selected users can be prevented from having access to selected
    applications, e.g. management salaries.

  • Full reporting and audit trail. Email BACS reports to interested parties.

  • Can be set to automatically generate AUDDIS ( DDI ) records for new Direct Debits.

  • Ad hoc payments feature - users with the appropriate permission level can add
    transactions to existing files or enter new transactions. Can be used to make NI or tax payments.

  • Works with any accounting system that can produce a text file. Can also be used to process Microsoft Excel CSV files or even files from a simple text editor.

  • Email remittance or direct debit advices.

  • Sort bureau clients alphabetically

  • Adjust user permissions and file caching to suit your workflow

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