f2b Contingency Bureau

Since elseWare was founded in 1995 there have only been, to our knowledge, 
two occasions when one of our clients was unable to submit a file on the required processing date. On the first occasion our customer had locked al of the available smart cards, and on the second occasion, more recently, network issues prevented another customer from being able to submit a file, even from their Disaster Recovery site.

On both of the occasions we could have 
submitted the file on behalf of the customer had we been a BACS bureau, and able to submit files on behalf of our customers (or our customers' customers, since a number of our customers already operate as BACS bureax).

Consequently elseWare is now operating a Contingency Bureau service and can submit files on behalf of registered customers in case wheer thy are unable to do so.

How it works

  • In order to use this service you must contact your bank and register the elseWare bureau as an indirect submitter for your company. Our Bureau Number is B61046.
  • You must register your user number with us and we will retain the details. It can take some time to register a new customer with a bureau, so we would only be able to submit files on behalf of customers that have been pre-registered with our bureau
  • If you are operating as a BACS bureau you will need to ask your clients to register elseWare as an additional submitting agency for their user number. Strict confidentiality will apply. We will not pass details of your clients to anybody.
  • Should you be unable to submit a file for any reason, you would send the file to us and we would be able to submit it on your behalf.

Faster Payments

If you (or your client if you are operating as a BACS bureau) have either a Barclays or an HSBC bank account then we can submit Faster Payments files on your behalf.

These are normally processed on the same day, sometimes within 2 hours.

BACS bureaux

If you are operating as a BACS bureau and making submissions on behalf of your clients, your clients will each need to fill in an indirect submitter form naming elseWare as a bureau service supplier.

elseWare will NOT be operating as a commercial bureau, we will only make submissions for our software clients, and then only if their software cannot be made to operate correctly within the BACS transmission window.