HMRC's Real Time Information ( RTI )

HMRC's RTI scheme became live in April 2013. Front2Bax can be used to make RTI compliant payment submissions to BACS.

An RTI compliant BACS submission record contains a four digit code in BACS field 7 of the record. This code will be generated by your payroll software and will be included in the BACS output file used by f2b.

  • Your payroll software supplier will have issued you with an upgrade to your payroll software that is capable of generating an output file that contains RTI codes. months. In some cases f2b is already capable of using the new file format. In other cases you will require a new schema file in order to process the RTI output.

  • If you are unsure whether f2b can already process your new output file then please send a sample of the output to elseWare and we will advise you. If you need a new schema file then it should take no longer than a day or two for us to create one.

  • There is no extra charge associated with this service.

Faster Payments

The ability to send submsissons to the Faster Payments service is included as an option in f2b.
Faster Paymemts take only 1 day to process. They are slightly more expensive per paymemt than a standard BACS transaction.

  • Faster Payments can only currently be made from a Barclays bank account, but can be made to any destination account.

  • Faster Payments are currently not RTI compliant.

For further information, visit the Faster Payments web site.

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