About elseWare

elseWare has provided BACS software and support since 1995. Our core product is Front2BAX, a software package that can transmit electronic transactions to BACS. 

Front2Bax can be used to make payments or to collect Direct Debits. The software can also process AUDDIS Direct Debit Instructions (DDI) for paperless direct debits, and is capable of automatically generating these if required.

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About Front2BAX

Here is a 1:35 minute video that will demonstrate how easy it is for a client to use Front2BAX to submit a payroll file.

Ease of use is just one reason why dozens of direct BACS submitters and over 30 of the top BACS bureaux use f2b software to submit files to BACS.


The main reason is the price. A site licence for F2B costs just £400 per year for a direct submitter and £800 per year for a bureau (ex VAT).

No limits

  • no limit to the number of copies of the software that you can have on site
  • no limit to the number of users
  • no limit to the number of clients that you can hold
  • no limit to the number of transactions that you can submit

Faster Payments

f2B can be used to submit Faster Payments. Click here for more information.

No wonder there are so many satisfied users

Of course our customers also buy it because it is easy to use, reliable and well supported. It also works with all types of payroll software, whether you want to make multi-file submissions or not. You can even use it with Excel to make secure, ad-hoc submissions.


News Items

Contingency Bureau


In order to maximise the possibility of getting you files to BACS, elseWare now operates a contingency bureau.

If you have registered with our bureau service then, should you be unable to submit a file, you can send it to us and we can submit it on your behalf.

Hardware Security Module.
A version of the software that will operate with an HSM rather than smart cards is now available. This enables all members of your organisation to submit files using a single corporate security certificate. It can also be used to fully automate submissions.

Read more about it here

Read more about it here